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Air Conditioning and Heating Repair

Schedule repairs on time to make your AC unit or heater run more efficiently.

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On Air HVAC, LLC offers heater, air conditioning, and furnace repair services in Pflugerville, Austin, and surrounding area. You can trust our highly trained specialists to solve whatever issue impacts your system. If we find that your comfort system is damaged beyond repair, we’ll recommend the best replacement option.

Looks can be deceiving, and seemingly minor issues with your comfort system could be severe dangers in disguise. Call our team for heating or air conditioning repairs at the first sign of danger. We’ll respond to your call as soon as possible and dispatch support in a timely fashion. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction for 12 months after service.

AC Maintenance

Save money on energy bills and preserve the life of your AC with regular maintenance.

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When you take care of your comfort system, it takes care of you. Turn to On Air HVAC, LLC for air conditioning and heating maintenance. Our technician will perform all the necessary maintenance tasks and make adjustments to improve your system’s performance. Don’t postpone your heating or air conditioning maintenance service. Speak with a specialist in Pflugerville, TX, today.

What’s Included in Your Maintenance Service?

Keep your AC unit or heater performing at its best with a consistent maintenance schedule.

A/C Tune-Up

  • Inspect coolant levels & pressure
  • Check & adjust the thermostat
  • Inspect wiring, contacts, capacitors & relays
  • Inspect evaporator coil
  • Inspect and clean condenser
  • Inspect condensate drain
  • Inspect outdoor disconnect
  • Inspect condenser fan motor & blades
  • Inspect compressor at startup

Heating Tune-Up

  • Inspect thermostat
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Check blower motor amps
  • Check filter system
  • Check & clean pilot burner / flame rod
  • Check safety controls
  • Check & adjust heat rise
  • Test for carbon monoxide
  • Inspect gas piping at the furnace
  • Inspect venting system
  • Inspect burners
  • Inspect blower compartment
  • Inspect & adjust electrical connection

AC Replacement

You don’t have to wait till your AC breaks down. Notice the sign early and replace it on time.

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Is your AC unit showing signs of severe wear? Don’t wait until your unit stops working to request help. Call On Air HVAC, LLC as soon as possible for an air conditioning replacement. We’ll inspect your unit to see if we can fix the issue. If your unit is damaged beyond repair, we’ll complete your replacement. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.
Call 512-598-1315 today to schedule your air conditioning replacement in Pflugerville, TX.

Is Your Heat Pump on Thin Ice?

Don’t ignore the signs of a faulty heat pump. Contact our team for a heat pump replacement if you:

  • Have to schedule repairs constantly
  • Notice an increase in your energy bills
  • Hear loud noises coming from your heat pump

We work with gas and electrical systems and offer convenient financing options for repairs and replacements. Plan your heat pump replacement in Pflugerville, TX.

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